Roxy Festival

The kitchen might be a dangerous place, but it’s not as perilous as habanero washed down with mezcal. We would know because we just played the gig of our lives in the land of mariachis, tacos, and really fucking good guacamole. Oh, and our vocalist Abel.

Following the release of our latest EP, we were invited to play at Roxy Festival in Mexico’s second largest city, Guadalajara, along with Stone Temple Pilots, Caifanes, Live, and other international heavyweights. It was that kind of fall-out-of-the-sky opportunity that doesn’t seem real until you’re about to walk on stage.

Even now that we’re back in Australia, we’re questioning whether the whole thing actually happened. Was that Robert DeLong doing tequila shots with us backstage, or did we just eat too many crickets? Was the crowd singing along to Lolas Vuelan, or are our ears screwed? Did Mike –Gemma’s father- actually get stoned with one of the production managers, or was that just the Mexico City flu snapping our neurons in half? Did we have our parents with us as roadies? Nah, nobody’s parents are their roadies.

Well, actually…

When we told Abel’s parents and Mike that we were going to be playing at one of Mexico’s biggest music festivals, they were even more excited than we were. After months of meticulous planning, they joined us for the adventure, tirelessly lugging our gear around, handing out Goodnight Japan pins to the crowd, and taking selfies while we rehearsed at the Hard Rock Hotel in Cancun.

We will never forget the support our parents gave us. We will also never, ever forget that as roadies, their rates are “so high that The Rolling Stones can’t afford us”. We will also remember that it’s not about our wellbeing, but our roadies’ wellbeing. “Roadies first, fuck the band”, they said as they drank all our beer and tripped over our guitar cases.

Still, they can be polite when the circumstances are right. Mike’s reasoning for smoking that joint backstage was that he didn’t want to be “rude and antisocial”. No, he didn’t save us any. Fuck the band indeed.

Giant yellow submarines, malfunctioning smoke machines and eating chorizos the minute we walked off stage were among the other highlights.

But the top of the list was the crowd who stood before us. Thank you to everyone who skipped Future Islands to come and watch this three-piece from Sydney try and fill a giant (by our standards) stage. A huevo, seriously.

“A spectacular live show much appreciated by the people”
–MR Indie

“Cool and different, a lot of attitude and energy”
–NYLON Magazine

“A band that comes from a faraway land and creates a special bond with the audience”
–Me Hace Ruido

Photos by Erich Bouccan

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