“A sound akin to something you might have heard in the 70’s New York art punk scene”
–Sydney Morning Herald

“Cool and different, a lot of attitude and energy”
–NYLON Magazine

“A spectacular live show much appreciated by the people”
–MR Indie

“There’s a studied quality to the shuffling indie rock this band are making. Like, if your cool older cousin put this on a mixtape for you between bands you’d only ever read about like Guided By Voices and Television you wouldn’t bat an eyelid”
–triple j

“A band that comes from a faraway land and creates a special bond with the audience”
–Me Hace Ruido

“A killer rock band”
–FBi Radio

“Propulsive garage full with fuzz and emotion”
–Trouble Juice

“Touches of the muscly end of something like The Go-Betweens canon – which probably sits them comfortably alongside Rolling Blackout CF and that ilk of good #Strayan product”

“Relying on a great voice and an eclectic talent pool to elevate them to The National like indie-rock stardom”
–Dircksey Magazine

“A brooding, bluesy hit in the guts”

“There’s a rich seam of dark and wonderful art”
–The Underground Stage

“Think late 70’s NY art punk”
–Turbo Nun

“What’s not to love?”
–Forté Magazine

“Without sounding like Galaxie 500, American Music Club or even The Smiths, something calls up to them… but from the present”
–Mula Blanca

“A ‘watch this space’ band and sound!”

–Indie Rocks Magazine